Henna Recipe for body art for our new henna powder

We test our recipe each year, when we receive our fresh delivery of the latest henna crop. 

Henna recipe for 100 g henna powder 2023 crop:

  • 100 g henna powder
  • 30-40 g sugar (We tested both amounts. 40 g sugar will make your henna paste a bit stringier and stickier, while 30 g sugar will put it on the creamier side making it a little easier to use, but flakes off a little faster. It did not seem to affect the colour)
  • 30 ml lavender or cajeput essential oil
  • 220-225 ml water (This amount is approximate. The amount of water also depends on your personal preference.)

(Use the same recipe for our 2022 crop but stick to 40 g sugar)

Mix thoroughly, cover with kitchen foil and let it sit and dye release on room temperature for 6-8 hours. 

Use it in 2-3 days. 7 days if you store it in the refrigerator, or 6 months in the freezer. 

henna powder, henna stain, rajasthani henna

Henna aftercare

Quality ingredients and a great henna recipe are only some of the factors influencing colour results. To achieve a dark henna stain, you need to follow careful aftercare:

  • Seal the deal! – After your henna dried spray it with a sugar-water sealant, or tape it with Mefix tape
  • Keep it on! Keep the henna paste on your skin as long as possible, 8 hours for best results.
  • Keep it dry! Do NOT wash it off.  Remove the henna paste from your skin by scratching it off with the back of a butter knife or a plastic card. The longer you can keep your henna away from water, the better. When you do need to get it wet, like showering, apply some plant based natural oils. This is especially important in the first two days.
  • Be patient! The colour of henna takes two days to mature. First the stain is orange, it turns brown by the next day and gets a darker shade by the second day. 
henna recipe, henna stain progression

Different bodyparts stain differently. You can expect the darkest stain on your palms, fingers and toes, then come the hands and feet, and the stain gets lighter towards the middle sections of the body. 

If you take good care of your henna, the stain will last for 7-10 days on your hands and 2-3 weeks elsewhere.