Henna kit with cajeput essential oil – easy to use with 100g henna powder


Henna powder 2022 crop - Supreme "Raj Henna" for body art - 100% lawsonia inermis

Supreme quality finely sifted pure henna powder from Rajasthan that  makes a silky paste just stringy enough for easy draping. It gives a dark, rich stain. This is the henna powder used and loved by artists at East West Mehndi Meet henna conference in Hungary.

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Cajeput essential oil 30 ml

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Henna cones (10db)

Henna cones are the best applicator for henna. Rolling it takes a little practice. If it is still hard for you, or you just want to check how they should look like, this pack is for you. Fill them up to 2 thirds with henna paste and seal the top part with tape.

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Our easy to use henna kit comes with

  • 100 g supreme quality rajasthani henna powder,
  • just the right amount 30 ml cajeput essential oil
  • 1 carrotbag for easy filling of the cones
  • 10 empty hennacones

All you need to do is to mix the henna powder with 35 g sugar, the essential oil included and approximately 220 ml lukewarm water. Set it aside in a warm place for 5-6 hours. Spoon it in the large carrotbag, cut the tip and fill the cones provided.

No need to mix a fresh batch every time you want to apply henna. You can store the ready henna paste in a freezer for up to 8 months.

Our supreme quality rajasthani henna powder gives amazing results and was loved by teachers and participants of the East West Mehndi Meet henna conferences for its silky texture and amazing stain, as shown on the photos.

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Additional information

essential oil

with levander essential oil, with cajeput essential oil

Henna powder 2022 crop - Supreme "Raj Henna" for body art - 100% lawsonia inermis


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