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Jagua powder is prepared by freeze drying the juice of the unripe genipapo fruits. The pre-mixed formula already contains necessary ingredients to mix jagua gel. You only need to add eucalyptus oil and water to the powder. Recipe will be included in your parcel or you can look it up in our info section.

Jagua was originally used by Indian tribes in Central and South America to adorn their body with ritual body art. It gives an indigo blue / black stain (while it has nothing to do with black henna), that lasts for 10-14 days.

The advantage of the jagua powder compared to jaguagel lies in it’s shelf life and reduced risk of irritation. Because of it’s dry consistency it can be easily used up to a year even without the addition of allergenic preservatives.

10 g jagua powder makes enough gel for 4-5 cones.

Once the gel is made keep it in the freezer.

Ingredients: freeze dried jagua juice (genipa americana), cane sugar, xantan gum, citric acid

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