Jagua kit for 3-5 cones of jagua gel


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Jagua kit for 3-5 jagua cones

Everything you need to mix up a batch of jagua gel. Contains

  • 10 g pre-mixed jagua powder
  • 10 ml eukalyptus oil
  • 10 henna cones
  • One carrot bag for filling the cones (you find the henna cones wrapped in this)

To make jagua gel mix 5 ml eukalyptus oil with 10 g jagua powder and add some water. Keep stirring and adding water until you get the desired consistency. Mix for a few more minutes to activate the xantan. Leave it for a few more minutes before starting to mix again checking if you need to add more water. Fill it in henna cones and it is ready to use straight away. Will make 3-5 cones of jagua.

Keep it in the freezer for a 6 month shelf life.